Partnerships are concluded with leading international research institutions with the aim of teaming up with the best in class and improving science conducted within CEITEC. These partnerships involve various forms of cooperation – international mobility (exchanges of staff on all levels of seniority), joint research projects,  organisation of conferences, workshops and summer schools, joint publications, joint/double PhD degrees, use of CEITEC research infrastructure, etc.


Strategic partnership

CEITEC is a member of the EU-LIFE consortium, made up of the thirteen best European research institutes in the life sciences. 

The Vienna Biocenter Core Facilities GmbH (VBCF) is a publicly funded non-profit research institute, situated at the Vienna Biocenter. CSF offers access to state of the art research infrastructure and scientific services. CSF customers are academic research institutions and companies in the field of Life Sciences. CSF is open for all forms of scientific collaborations. CSF is organized in ten scientific core facilities equipped with cutting edge instruments and highly skilled technical and scientific personnel.


Memoranda of Understanding

CEITEC has Memorandum of Understanding with several renowned institutions:

  • EMBL – European Molecular Biology Laboratory
  • Imperial College London
  • Austrian Institute of Technology
  • Elettra Synchrotron Light Laboratory
  • ENMat – European Network of Materials Research Centres
  • Université de la Mediterranée
  • Vienna University of Technology
  • Gyeongnam Technopark