14. Feb. 2018

Twenty-five young scientists from MU, BUT and MENDELU received financing for their research activity at the Brno PhD Talent competition. Representatives of the City of Brno and JCMM awarded the best doctoral students from Brno universities. Each of them received support of 300 thousand CZK for their research. This amount is going to be paid on a regular basis for three years in the form of scholarships. The awards were officially announced on Tuesday, February 13, 2018, at the Brno City Hall. Nine of them are directly linked to CEITEC.


Igor Turčan

Klára Zárybnická

Vladimír Prajzler

Erik Képeš

Markéta Charousová

CEITEC MU Students

Miroslav Homola

Jitender Kumar

Hana Svozilová

Andrea Grioni