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9. May 2018

1st Symposium on Recent Advances in Cryo-Electron Microscopy - Photo Gallery

1st symposium on Recent Advances in Cryo-Electron Microscopy took place at CEITEC MU on April 18–19, 2018. The symposium gathered the…

9. May 2018

CEITEC Nano hosted a meeting on the topic of Transmission Electron Microscopy

Meeting on Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) in Materials Sciences was held at CEITEC-BUT in the partnership with Thermo Fisher Scientific …

11. Apr. 2018

BUT Juniors at CEITEC have tried silicon cutting and other experiments

Every one Saturday in month, the BUT faculty prepares a program for small scientific hopes, which allow it to explore a variety of areas of science…

22. Feb. 2018

Research Group Leader Retreat - video and photos

You can find the presentations from RGL Retreat here (for atendees only, requires a password). Video from retreat   Once a year during…

18. Oct. 2017

The first Researcher's Night at CEITEC BUT attracted nearly 500 visitors!

The theme of this year's 2017 Scientific Night was mobility and everything in motion. CEITEC BUT this year, for the first time, its nearly 500…

10. Oct. 2017

Researcher's Night 2017 at CEITEC MU – Photo Gallery

Thank you for coming to CEITEC MU during the Researcher's Night 2017. We hope you enjoyed our program brought home a nice experience. You can also remind this event in our photo gallery.

11. Sept. 2017

Joint Retreat of Young Scientists

Joint retreat of young scientists from CEITEC, Institut Curie and Institut Pasteur took place in Brno at September 7–10, 2017. Enjoy few photos…

9. Aug. 2017

Summary and photogallery: Additive manufacturing as a tool to create live in 3D workshop

Last July 26 – 27 the workshop Additive Manufacturing as a Tool to Create Life in 3D was held at CEITEC-BUT with the funding of the European…

10. July 2017

Photogallery: 16th IUVSTA International Summer School on Physics at Nanoscale 12th - 17th June 2017

On June 12 - 17, 2017 has taken place an international summer school with a focus on presenting current research trends with key areas of technology such as nanoelectronics, renewable energy and the application of life science. See…

9. June 2017

ERA CHAIR Conference – Nucleid Acids and Immunity 2017 is over

The organizers of the second conference on Nucleic Acids and Immunity; Mary O´Connell and Liam Keegan are very happy with the success of the conference.  The conference hosted over one hundred participants with approximately twenty…

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