Photogallery: ERA CHAIR Conference Nucleid Acids and Immunity 2017

9. June 2017

The organizers of the second conference on Nucleic Acids and Immunity; Mary O´Connell and Liam Keegan are very happy with the success of the conference.  The conference hosted over one hundred participants with approximately twenty leading researchers from the field of RNA research and immunity. The highlight of the conference was the keynote talk by Shizuo Akira.  He is the most cited living author in the field of biology.  He actively participated in all three days of the conference and many of the attendees were delighted to have the opportunity to interact with such an imminent figure in science.  The overall atmosphere was very positive, friendly and full of new ideas.

The last conference from the series of RNA and Immunity field will be expanded next year to include Genome Defense. It will be organized againwithin the CEITEC_ERA, reg. number 621368 Project and is planned for September 2018. Any comments and suggestions for speakers are more than welcomed.