Scalable European Powertrain Technology Platform for Cost- Efficient Electric Vehicles to Connect Europe (1000KmPLUS)


The need for common, scalable and brand-independent technology platforms for the key elements of EV, like the inverter-motor-transmission/gearbox (powertrain) and the battery, is evident. The project 1000kmPLUS will ensure the superiority of European automotive key technologies in terms of performance, scalability and costs for the 2nd and 3rd generation of EV. The EV powertrain and battery technologies must now start to mature, in order to fulfil existential human mobility needs in terms of affordability and usability: this is the key to enter the early mass market. It assumes ramp-up of series production and affordability by economies of scale. 1000kmPLUS will provide key arguments regarding the usability of the 2nd generation of EV to the Early Majority customers. Further, it will speed up the development and the ramp-up of series production of the 3rd EV generation.