Strengthening Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Research at CEITEC (SINNCE)


The Czech Republic (CR) is one of the most industrial members of EU with the share of the industrial sector on GDP reaching 35 % and offering over 2 million jobs. However, to sustain and improve competitiveness in the future decades, this sector needs to absorb new trends and challenges in technologically demanding areas, especially in the Key Enabling Technologies representing a group of six technologies that are among the priority action lines of European industrial policy. Already now the KET-related production constitutes more than 20 % of the total industrial production of the CR, but its potentials is significantly higher. 

Within the project SINNCE, we aim at the strengthening of the KET-related nanoscience and nanotechnology research at CEITEC, a prominent research institution in the Czech Republic, which is a prerequisite for the future development of KET-related industry. The successful implementation of the SINNCE project and meeting its objectives will be verified by an increase in the key performance measurable indicators such as number of high quality publications, joint publications, invited talks, new scientific grant proposals, etc.

The project SINNCE will link CEITEC with three research-intensive institutions around a Twinning Action. Those institutions, ETH Zurich, TU Vienna, and Weizmann Institute, are based in countries with a good performance in the KET-related industry and have experience with KET-related research. 
The successful implementation of the project is enabled by recent investments of EU FP7 programmes into CEITEC that brought its instrumental basis to a state-of-the-art level and directed the research performance of CEITEC to a growing trajectory. CEITEC is also identified within the Smart Specialization Strategy of CR as one of 5 Centres of Excellence and the only one related to multiple KETs. CEITEC is thus qualified to become the national leader in the KET-related research and a pillar of the national innovation strategy.

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1. 11. 2018