16. May 2018

Press release, Brno, 16.5.2018; Terezie Mandáková from CEITEC MU collected her award for extraordinary research results achieved by scientists in the age group under 35 from the Rector of Masaryk University. Despite being so young, Terezie is regarded as one of the best plant cytogenetics scientists worldwide. Working in Martin Lysák’s group, she examines the structure of the genome evolution in the plant family Brassicaceae which includes e.g. broccoli, rape or wasabi.

During the last two years, Terezie Mandáková has published 18 articles in the best scientific journals, such as Nature Ecology and EvolutionPlant CellPlant PhysiologyPlant Journal or Ecology. She is most proud of two publications:

1) Mandáková T. et al. (2017): Multi-speed genome diploidization and diversification after an ancient allopolyploidization.Molecular Ecology 26: 1-18

2) Mandáková T. et al. (2017): Diverse genome organization following 13 independent mesopolyploid events in Brassicaceae contrasts with convergent patterns of gene retention. Plant Journal 91: 3-21.

However, the real success of a scientist is not represented by publications alone, but also by how their research’s quality and value is appreciated by other members of scientific community.  In 2016, Terezie Mandáková was invited as a keynote speaker at a prestigious International Conference on Polyploidy, Hybridization, and Biodiversity. In 2017, she gave lectures as a keynote speaker at two famous international congresses – Plant Genome Evolution SCANDEMIn addition to that, in the past two years she has been invited to three more conferences as a speaker (International Chromosome ConferenceInternational Botanical Congress and AETFAT).

Terezie is also deeply involved in pedagogical activities. She gives lectures, conducts workshops, and provides supervision to students (at the moment, she is a supervisor for two doctor-degree students, two master-degree students and four bachelor-degree students). In 2017 she was nominated as the best educator by her students. Terezie is an inspiration for her students and colleagues, not only for her scientific results but also due to her enthusiasm for science, hardworking approach and humility.