31. Mar. 2022

Thanks to Alliance4Life_ACTIONS project funded by the European Commission researchers from all Alliance4Life member institutions can apply for a special call that will enable them to access the research infrastructure based at the participating member institutions for free. The Alliance4Life´s institutions offer to their researchers access to technologies and relevant services in the field of life sciences to study biologically important cellular components and macromolecules, proteins, nucleic acids and their complexes at different resolution levels, ranging from atomic to cellular resolution.

Researchers can choose from 127 different analysis methods, from 15 types of characterisations, 3 sample handling options, 30 different specific systems, 26 diagnostics methods, and 5 surgical and clinical development services. In order to make the overview of all available equipment as convenient as possible, the project partners created a special database of all equipment and services available within this call. The online database contains all necessary descriptions and filtering options for available technologies. Access the database HERE.

How do I get this funding?

Interested researchers can apply from 1 April 2022 until 31 May 2022. The total financial allocation of 95 000 EUR, will be distributed among selected projects and will enable the participating researchers to take advantage of unique technologies and expertise available at one of the partner institutions. Within one project proposal, applicant can ask for one or more services/technologies from one or more partner institutions listed in the database. Researchers of all career stages including PhD students and master students can participate in this call! Are there any strings attached? Not really. Researchers need to submit just a simple 2 pages long call application that will take them about 30 minutes of their time and provide a 2 pages long report at the end of the project.

All selected projects must be than implemented by 31 October 2023.  Use of the research infrastructures including training and interpretation of the obtained results is provided to selected projects for free, all expenses will be covered by the A4L_ACTIONS project funded from the European Union´s programme Horizon 2020. This unique call will connect researchers and core facilities expertise and technology across all Alliance4Life´s member institutions and promote herewith the research collaboration among Central and Eastern European countries. Apply HERE

How will the projects be selected for funding?

Selection process is composed of three steps. First step is formal administrative check of the simple 2 pages long application including approval of contact person from the respective institution who confirms the employment or student status of the applicant. Second step is technical feasibility completed by the heads of the respective core facilities and service laboratories, who will judge the technical feasibility of the presented research project at their facilities. This step is concluded by a simple YES or NO decision.  In case of approval, preliminary budget for the project will be specified by the head of the facility upon agreed methodology of cost claims. The final step of the selection is peer review by at least one A4L_ACTIONS Scientific Committee member who can either recommend the project for funding, or recommend the project only partially and propose desired changes, or reject the project from funding. At the end of this process all applicants will be informed about the outcome of the selection process.

Would you like to apply for this unique call and take advantage of free access to research infrastructures? Don´t hesitate and follow the application instructions on the Alliance4Life website. 

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