24. Feb. 2022

The MICRO MACRO theme is part of the Czech Republic's representation at the EXPO World Exhibition in Dubai. A modified copy of the exhibit created by renowned Brno architects Chybik + Kristof and multimedia architects Visualova travels around South Moravia. It was already been seen in Židlochovice, Znojmo and Hodonín, for example, and now it returned to Brno.

From 21 February to 6 March 2022, the EXPO module will be exhibited in the atrium of our research center CEITEC Brno University of Technology, which is located in the Brno Technology Park.

Come immerse yourself in the nanoworld or leave the borders of planet Earth! The Micro Macro Tour brought to CEITEC BUT a special scale installation from the world exhibition EXPO Dubai, where our region will boast in March 2022 of the success of the local electron microscopy and space industry.

What is MICRO?

Electron microscopy is a field that can boast a really long history in our region. The first electron microscope appeared in Brno in 1947 as part of the post-war assistance of the UNRRA agency. In 1951, scientists developed the first Czechoslovak commercially available electron microscope Tesla BS 241 at the Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Electrical Engineering of the Brno University of Technology and a few years later its successor - the Tesla BS 242 desktop (for which they won a gold medal at the EXPO World Exhibition in 1958). 

What is MACRO? 

The beginnings of space activities in our country have been concentrated in the Intercosmos program since the 1960s. After its completion in the early 1990s, our space research found itself without academic and state support, and many manufacturers and teams disappeared. Many capable people in the field have found employment abroad, where they have gained valuable experience. The present and future of Czech space research is in international cooperation, especially with ESA, but cooperation within the Czech Republic is also essential.

More information on www.micromacro.cz

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