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AD-workshop, 2. 6. 2023

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We would like to cordially invite you to the first out of a series of eight Alzheimer´s Disease workshops (AD workshops). This event received funding from the four-year-long Excellence Hubs project ADDIT-CE (101087124) and it will be organized twice a year. After a short break, we are therefore very happy to renew the tradition of AD meetings established by Jiří Damborský several years ago.

In the current format, there will be participants from the ADDIT-CE consortium (many of them being former participants of AD meetings) from the Czech and Slovak Republics as well as other researchers working in the AD area from the same region. Please note that the event is by invitation only. 

The AD workshop takes place on Friday, 2 June 2023. Thanks to Martina Hložánková, it will be organized on the grounds of BioVendor company (the full address is available below).


8:30–⁠9:00 Registration

Jozef Hritz (Masaryk University) and Martina Hložánková (Biovendor): Invitation speech

1. Structural biology section
Radek Crha (Masaryk University): Structural and interaction properties of human Tau protein investigated by NMR spectroscopy
Gytis Kučinskas (Masaryk University): Generation and analysis of hyperphosphorylated full length Tau fibrils
Martin Marek (Masaryk University): Decoding the mechanism of Apolipoprotein E (ApoE) aggregation

10:45–⁠11:30 Coffee break
11:30–⁠13:00 2. Proteomics section
Lucia Ciglar (Austrian Institute of Technology): Liquid biopsy-based multi-omics technologies ready to be used in Alzheimer’s disease research and diagnostics
Dáša Bohačiaková (Masaryk University): Modelling Alzheimer's disease using pluripotent stem cells
Alemeh Zamani (Masaryk University): Role of choroid plexus in Alzheimer's disease
13:00–⁠13:30 Biovendor guided tour
13:30–⁠15:00 Lunch
15:00–⁠16:30 3. Clinical section
Norbert Žilka (Institute of Neuroimmunology, SAS): Slovak national plan combating dementia
Barbara Ukropcová (Biomedical Research Center, SAS): The role of complex lifestyle intervention in prevention and treatment of aging-associated cognitive decline
Beata Čečetková (Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic): Current clinical research regulatory framework
16:30–⁠17:00 Closing of the event

Download the programme here.

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2. 6. 2023
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Ing. Barbora Vlasáková
Ing. Barbora Vlasáková


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