Advanced Low-Dimensional Nanomaterials - Jan Macák


Dr. Ing. Jan Macák Dr. Ing. Jan Macák
Research Group Leader
Research Coordinator of Advanced Materials

Research areas

Nanomaterials with low dimensions (100 nm and below) for applications in power engineering, biology and catalysis.

Main objectives

The main objective of the research is a synthesis of new low dimensional structures, such as nanotubes, nanolayers, nanofibers, by various means. It includes also the necessary investigation of the structure-property relationship of these materials. The most promising materials are explored in various fields, such as photovoltaics, catalysis, batteries, etc. together with cooperating partners.

Content of research

Self-organized valve metal oxide nanostructures by electrochemical anodization

  • development of novel tubular shapes and morpologies
  • investigation of various Ti and Ti-based substrates for nanotube synthesis
  • improvement of the tube ordering towards ideal hexagonal ordering
  • understanding their structure/properties/application relationship

Atomic layer Deposition of Various funcitonal coatings

  • functionalization of nanomaterials by secondary materials
  • development of new precursors and processes for new advanced coatings
  • realization of complete functional devices

Inorganic and polymeric nanofibers and microfibers

  • new formulations of solutions for inorganic fibers by centrifugal spinning and electrospinning
  • synthesis vs. calcination vs. property relationship
  • evaluation of the potential for various applications


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