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Jan Macák

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Research group: Advanced Low-Dimensional Nanomaterials - Jan Macák

8. Feb. 2018

Six new research groups on advanced materials and nanotechnologies are emerging at CEITEC

Since January 2018, four research groups have started their activities at CEITEC BUT. Two more foreign leaders will join them at the beginning of…




Syntheses of sulphidic and selenide thin layers using atomic layer deposition and their characterization

Layered transition metal dichalcogenides represent some of the most investigated 2-D nanomaterials nowadays. They are typically prepared by various top-down methods and may contain defects that limit their potential use. Among bottom-up methods, atomic layers deposition profiles as the method of the choice to prepare these materials in the form of uniform thin layers. This method is feasible to prepare various sulphides and selenides in a controllable fashion. The aim of this Ph.D. study is therefore synthesis of new types of layered transition metal dichalcogenides sulphides and selenides (such as (MoS2, MoSe2, etc.) by ALD on various substrates. Characterization of the resulting materials will be realized by a whole range of techniques. These materials are expected to have very attractive properties that will be characterized and exploited for various applications.

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Thin functional metal oxide layers for advanced applications

This Ph.D. thesis will be focused on the synthesis of thin layers of various oxides (such as TiO2, WO3, Ta2O5, etc. and their mixtures) by various means:  thermal oxidation, anodic oxidation, atomic layer deposition, magnetron sputtering, etc. State-of-art characterization techniques will be utilized to investigate intrinsic properties of these layers as well as their semiconducting, electronic, catalytic and optical properties. Further treatment of these layers using doping, atomic layer deposition, magnetron sputtering, advanced lithographic techniques, focused-ion beam, etc. is also foreseen to tailor the materials´ properties. The materials will be investigated for their performance in various applications – batteries, catalysts, supercapacitors, etc. 

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