Research areas

  • Synthesis of specialty organic and organic-inorganic polymers and copolymers
  • Multi-scale structure-property relationships in polymers and polymer composites
  • Development of advanced functional materials based on nanostructured hierarchical polymers
  • Syntheses of controlled life-span polymers, resorption of biomedical polymers, service life-time period predictions for commodity plastics
  • Physics of heterogeneous polymer systems, deformation and fracture phenomena in polymers reptation dynamics, nanocomposite viscoelasticity, self-assembly
  • Synthesis of biopolymeric materials for tissue engineering and drug delivery

Advanced Polymers and Composites - brochure for download (2,78 MB)

Preparation of advanced multifunctional polymeric and biopolymeric materials

Quantification of structure-property-function relationships in bulk material

Mechanisms of polymer degradation

Accelerated ageing

Computer modelling and simulations

Main objectives

Content of research


Prof. Josef Jančář
Prof. Josef Jančář
Senior researcher
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Jiří Tocháček
Jiří Tocháček
Senior Researcher
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