AFM/CLSM JPK NanoWizard (JPK NanoWizard)


Guarantor: Petr Lepcio, Ph.D.
Instrument status: Operational Operational, 25.9.2019 16:59
Research group: CF: CEITEC Nano

Detailed description:

AFM module allows for nanoscale surface microscopy with atomic resolution of a sample observed with CLSM.
It is based on attractive and repulsive forces between surface of the sample (atoms at the surface) and a probe with a fine tip mounted on a flexible cantilever which scans across the surface.
The forces are converted into bending or deflection of the cantilever which is detected by laser beam reflected from the back side of the cantilever into detector.
Both, conductive and insulating, solid and liquid samples can be visualized by AFM into a real 3D detail of surface.
AFM module shifts performance of CLSM above the resolution capability of SEM (AFM resolution is < 1 nm in case of ideal samples and very fine tips) without the need of surface metal coating which covers up details at scale from one to tens of nanometers.
Samples with clean and reasonably flat surface are required for AFM scanning, the limiting factor being the range of z-piezo drive of the AFM tip (15 µm).
Applicable coupling with Olympus LEXT OLS4100 SAF confocal laser scanning microscope with an x-y motorized stage.
A mutual sample holder transferable between the microscopes allows to observe and select the spot of interest by CLSM prior AFM scanning.
Samples for combined CLSM and AFM imaging are best attached to a standard microscope glass slides or shaped into an object of similar dimensions.