CEITEC Innovation Accelerator Conditions

Do you have an interesting idea or a result of your research that you would like to commercialize, but you still need time and resources to develop a working prototype to test its true market potential? Do you believe in this idea so much that you are willing to interrupt your current career and devote your full attention to the development of a functional prototype verified in a real environment? Now you don't have to perform prototype builds after nights in the garage! Apply for the CEITEC Innovation Accelerator program and get support and facilities for up to two years of development!


  • Up to 2,000,000 crowns
  • Researcher position at CEITEC BUT
  • Access to the CEITEC Nano research infrastructure
  • JIC coworking space and support from business experts

Who can apply for the programme?

The target group of the programme are students and R&D workers from academic departments or commercial companies who have a promising R&D result and want to develop it into a proven prototype that meets the requirements for establishing a spin-off company.

The beneficiary of the support should be the main holder of the know-how who is able to actively develop the R&D result further and bring it into a form that reflects the real needs of the market and is therefore a suitable basis for the establishment of a spin-off company. Collaboration with other researchers (e.g. student's supervisor or supervisor/colleague of the researcher) is possible.


What are the conditions of the programme?

After joining the programme, the beneficiary will interrupt/temporarily put on hold his/her current career and for up to two years devote full time to the development of a commercially viable product, process or service. In the case of a PhD student, he/she can either interrupt his/her studies or transfer to a distance learning programme; in the case of an R&D worker, he/she will reduce his/her time at other workplaces to a maximum of 0.2 FTE. 

On entering the programme, the beneficiary will enter into a contract with CEITEC BUT.


Registrations are now open