9. May 2018

Meeting on Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) in Materials Sciences was held at CEITEC-BUT in the partnership with Thermo Fisher Scientific (former FEI).

The meeting was designed for sharing of current experience in TEM across research areas related to advanced materials, technologies and microscopic techniques. The idea of this meeting was also to establish a basis for future regular TEM meetings within the Central European region which are rare at present but vital for networking and knowledge transfer.

The meeting attended 40 participants and during two days 18 presentations were given by invited or registered TEM specialists. The program begun by two talks given by specialists from Thermo Fisher Scientific and dedicated to application highlights of TEM TITAN Themis and FIB-TEM sample preparation techniques using dual-beam microscope HELIOS (both systems installed in CEITEC Nano), and followed by talks given by scientists from leading research institutes in fields of the electron microscopy or materials sciences from Austria, Slovak and Czech Republic. One talk was also dedicated to development and application of cryo-electron microscopy in life science, which was awarded by Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2017.

Thanks to the speakers and all participants of the meeting it was possible to hold an event with high informative level and great potential for experience transfer and for future collaborations in the field of TEM, which has a long history and is very important in our region.

Recall the moments of the meeting below in the photo gallery.

Organizer: Jan Michalička