2. June 2019

At the end of May, more than twenty Czech and foreign companies and their representatives met at CEITEC Brno University of Technology to get acquainted with the latest technologies from the manufacturers, exchange experience and share their demands for further development in the automotive industry.

An exceptional event was managed by the research group Materials Characterization and Advanced Coatings to move to Brno's CEITEC BUT after long-term cooperation with GE Inspection Technologies. The past years have taken place in the USA. Approximately 60 participants, thanks to the simultaneous English-Czech translation, had the opportunity to attend lectures by representatives of companies and institutions such as CzechInvest, the Czech Metrology Institute, the German Volume Graphics or, for example, the Italian Synchrotron Elettra.

The two-day programme included not only the presentation of all topics in the form of presentations, but also practical demonstrations directly in the CEITEC BUT laboratories.

"Systematic co-operation with leading CT system manufacturers and the deployment of these systems in applied research has paid off. There is now a unique center in Brno that connects application and science on the one hand and sophisticated X-ray equipment manufacturers on the other. Both on the development of the CT systems themselves and on their integration into industry, also with regard to Industry 4.0 ", said Professor Jozef Kaiser, who co-organized the conference by CEITEC BUT.

More about the workshop you can get know at http://geworkshop.ceitec.cz/en/

Author: Katerina Vlkova