10. Mar. 2023

Just like last year in May, the university campus in Brno Bohunice will be full of sports and fun. The event you know from the past as Campus Day is now called MUNI Day. Just as the Bohunice campus itself is growing, this year, the traditional Campus Day is also taking on a new dimension. The day will no longer be reserved only for campus representatives, but for the first time ever, all faculties of Masaryk University, including CEITEC, will be involved. Therefore, MUNI Day!

The basic idea of the event remains unchanged, the first part of the day will be dedicated to sports activities for individuals as well as for teams. The whole event will once again culminate in a floorball match between a team composed of faculty representatives and the rectorate team. Structural biologist Karel Kubicek will represent CEITEC as a member of the faculty representatives’ team. Don't forget to come to the match and cheer! In the afternoon, there will be free entertainment with music on the campus, of course, there will be food and drinks for everyone.  

Sign up for the MUNI Day sports activities and represent CEITEC at this great sports and networking event. If you don't choose any sport as a participant, come and support your colleagues in CEITEC's green teams as a fan. A great deal of fun is guaranteed and you will meet many new people from other faculties. Everyone will come in their faculty colours, so wear your green CEITEC t-shirts or white CEITEC sweatshirts so that we can recognise each other!

MUNI Day will take place on Thursday, 11 May 2023. The Rector of the university has announced a special holiday for all MUNI Day participants! Both staff and students are welcome to attend, not just the sporty ones. After all, the point is also to get to know each other, connect and relax at the end of the ending semester. Admission to MUNI Day is free, and registration for sports activities will open on 4 April. 

For more information, visit the MUNI website.