Coordinate Measurement Module has been designed to fit ruled geometries such as planes or cylinders to the respective structures of a scanned object in order to perform measurements between these objects. All results from coordinate measuring can be documented both graphically and statistically in a user-defined measurement report. Ruled geometries and measurements can be presented not only in 3D views but can also be visualized in 2D views as in conventional engineering drawings.



The Coordinate Measurement Module also provides an algorithm allowing the object surface to be determined on the basis of local gray value thresholds. It is thus able to also deal reliably with scans of multi-material assemblies. In addition, it allows objects to be positioned in a user-defined coordinate system or to be aligned to a CAD model or another CT scan.




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Tomáš Zikmund, Ph.D.
Tomáš Zikmund, Ph.D.
Junior Researcher
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