Crosstalk Between Transcription and Translation

  • Acronym: CROSSBETT
  • Project Type: ERC CZ
  • Project Coordinator: CEITEC MU
  • Grant Provider/Investor: The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports
  • Project Code: LL2008
  • Implementation Period: 01. 07. 2020 – 30. 06. 2025
  •  Budget: 1 863 585,12 EUR

Project Description: 

In bacteria and Archaea, newly transcribed RNAs are immediately bound by ribosomes, linking transcription and translation. Recent studies using cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) show that RNA polymerase and the ribosome can interact directly. This is in contrast to eukaryotic transcription and translation, which are physically separated by the nuclear envelope. However, some double-stranded DNA viruses replicate in the cytoplasmic factories of infected eukaryotic cells, suggesting the possibility that viral transcription may be directly linked to translation in host ribosomes in vivo. I propose to reveal the fundamental mechanisms of the interconnection of transcription and translation in bacteria and to verify the hypothesis that the replication of cytoplasmic viruses in eukaryotic cells requires the interconnection of transcription and translation. To understand the mechanism of interconnection of transcription and translation in bacteria, we characterize the composition of interconnected transcription-translation complexes and visualize their structures using cryo-EM. Time-resolved cryo-EM studies will allow us to capture the transient structural intermediates of bacterial RNA polymerase and the ribosome during the junction of transcription and translation.

Principal Investigator:

Gabriel Demo, Ph.D.
Gabriel Demo, Ph.D. Research Group Leader Junior
Phone: +420 54949 7815
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