19. Mar. 2018

Days of Electron Microscopy in Brno aim to present an amazing field of electron microscopy. Within the framework of the event, from 17 March to 23 March 2018, a rich program consisting of lectures, excursions to unique spaces of academic institutions and local electron microscopy companies, screenings of films at the observatory, exhibition and special programs for families with children was prepared.

CEITEC, like last year, has been involved in making its laboratories available for the public. Cleanroom laboratories at CEITEC BUT and at the Core Facility Cryo-Electron Microscopy Laboratory and Tomography at CEITEC MU visited around 140 visitors. We are delighted that this way we can also extend not only the information about the field of electron microscopy, which is Brno's world leader, but also to show how it works in our science center.