#DealForScience: Petition to Maintain EU and UK Collaboration in Science

5. Feb. 2020

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As a proud member of EU-LIFE, CEITEC has joined the campaign led by EU-LIFE, EuroScience and Wellcome called Deal for Science to urge the EU and UK to continue to support scientific collaboration. 

The launched campaign aims to petition as many signatures as possible from individual researchers in support of calling for the EU and UK to sign a research and innovation agreement for science in Europe as soon as possible. We believe a grassroots approach will generate enough impact that can convince the EU institutions and the UK Government to negotiate a deal to keep Europe competitive in science. 

Please help us in this campaign. You can sign it, and support the petition by disseminating it to your scientific networks through social media.

Please sign the petition here.

The petition, launched on 4th June 2019, aims to get 50,000 signatures by the end of the year.  By getting as many researchers as possible to sign it, we can have a bigger impact when we argue for progress in Brussels, London and with governments across Europe.

Petition text

Sign Our Petition - Researchers Need Certainty on Scientific Collaboration between the UK and EU

Science has been a key to the success of the EU and must remain a priority in keeping Europe competitive. International collaboration makes science stronger and we should not let Brexit disrupt this.

Researchers need a long-term solution to allow them to continue working together on the big challenges our societies face, transforming people’s lives for the better. It is essential that politicians quickly find a way to keep this collaboration going.

We call on the EU and the UK to sign a research and innovation agreement as soon as possible. This should include:

  • A commitment by European countries to work together to make the European Research Area a world leader in science;
  • Full researcher mobility between the UK and the rest of Europe for all levels and career stages;
  • A commitment to collaboration, including UK associate membership of Horizon Europe;
  • Co-operation on regulations that support science.

Sign our petition to show that science is stronger with international collaboration. #dealforscience