The microanalysis performed by using probe EDS, allows precise qualitative analysis of small size components (inclusions) and the analysis of coatings. The identification of elements constituent inclusions allows to identify the type and the origin. It allows to evaluate the type of coating of a component.


The chemical analysis (microanalysis) in the scanning electron microscope (SEM) is performed by measuring the energy and the distribution of the intensities of X-rays generated by the electron beam on the sample using an energy dispersive detector EDS (energy dispersive spectrometry). The analysis that is produced can be either of the area that is enlarged at that time or stopping the scanning electron beam of a point of interest on the sample surface (microanalysis). Since the portion of space excited by the electron beam, which produces the spectrum X, is a few microns space around the point, the SEM + EDS is a powerful means of investigation of chemically inhomogeneous solids at a microscopic scale.


Hardness testing is key in most quality control procedures. That’s why we provide a complete range of Rockwell hardness testing machines and accessories, from equipment for lab application of hardness testing up to heavy-duty hardness testers for large-scale production sites. 

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