Start your scientific career in Brno, in the city of Johann Gregor Mendel, the father of genetics, in the city, where the worldwide producers of electron microscopy are based.


CEITEC PhD School is an innovative, interdisciplinary, fast-growing, and internationally-oriented programme based on a strategic partnership of leading universities and research institutes…

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Postdoctoral Programme

Postdoctoral researchers at CEITEC are highly valued employees who contribute the overall success of the institution. How?  Learn more A postdoctoral trainee, also called POSTDOC,…

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At CEITEC, we are continuously striving to expand our training portfolio to support career development and wellbeing of our researchers. We offer courses and workshops in …

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Internship at CEITEC

If you would like to carry out a scientific internship at CEITEC (e.g. in Erasmus+ programme), please contact the Group Leader of your choice directly. Information about our research groups,…

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Welcome Office

Welcome Office is a part of CEITEC´s care of new and current foreign employees. Choose your institution [~~matrix:36|object~~] What does Welcome Office mean? We help to minimize a…

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