Eliška Handlířová

Head of Director´s Office


Email: ,
Phone: +420 54949 4481, +420 724 517 046
Mobile: +420 724 517 046
Department: Director´s Office

Job description

  • complex support for the activities of the Director
  • planning and coordination of the activities of the Management and other advisory bodies, incl. Scientific Board, Director’s Board and committees
  • coordination of the activities associated with the preparation of the Strategic Plan and its implementation
  • responsible for the management and administration of internal legislation
  • coordination of cooperation with other MU parts (mainly with the Rectorate and CEITEC CMS)
  • responsible for formal accuracy of all written documents submitted to the Director for signing

15. Jan. 2019

CEITEC MU Was Granted HR Award

CEITEC Masaryk University wants to be one of the best employers in scientific research.  In the beginning of 2019, CEITEC MU was awarded…

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  • CEITEC - Příspěvek na IP 2019, Ministerstvo školství, mládeže a tělovýchovy ČR, 2019 - 2019