European School on Magnetism 2019: Experimental techniques

2. 9. - 13. 9. 2019
CEITEC BUT, Purkyňova 123, BRNO

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The European School on Magnetism (ESM) is a yearly event organized by the European magnetism community, through the European Magnetism Association. The mission of ESM is higher education of young European scientist in the field of Magnetism, while promoting networking and create effective links between academics and the industry.

The 2019 edition "Experimental techniques" is hosted by CEITEC BUT, Brno University of Technology and chaired by Dr. Michal Urbánek. The School is addressed at young scientists, mainly PhD students and post-docs (registration closed), both experimentalists and theoreticians. It will consist of a twelve-day training of lectures and practicals provided by prominent scientists active in today's magnetism research, interactive question sessions, access to a library of magnetism-related books, and industrial contributions.