Focused Ion Beam/Scanning Electron Microscope FEI Helios NanoLab 660 (HELIOS)


Guarantor: Ondřej Man, Ph.D.
Instrument status: Operational Operational, 25.2.2019 12:11, Worn aperture strip still in place!
Equipment placement: CEITEC Nano - A1.10
Research group: CF: CEITEC Nano

Detailed description:

FIB/SEM with sub-nm resolution, capable of imaging at very low landing energies of primary electrons (of the order of tens of volts), in-lens detection of SE and BSE, local chemical analysis. Equipped with STEM detector and EDS + EBSD analysers. Ideally suited for TEM lamella preparation and observation. Capable of 3D chemical and crystallographic analysis as well as structure reconstruction.


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