From Personnel Agenda to Human Resources Development: HR in the Academic Environment

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WHEN: March 26, 2015 from 8:30
WHERE: Brno, Hotel International, Congress Hall Kaskáda


The European Charter for Researchers, The Code of Conduct (EN)

Human Resources Strategy fo Researchers – HR Excelence in Research Award (EN)

We would like to invite you to a seminar focused on the issue of human resources (HR) development in the academic environment. The goal of this event is to trigger a debate on the application of modern HR practices in the scientific environment and to try to shift the approach from the “narrowly interpreted personnel agenda” to the concept of strategic HR management.

“If a research centre, university, or a scientific team wishes to become truly excellent, it means also the need to formulate and, in particular, to consistently apply the principles of modern human resources development principles in the field of research, for example in recruiting new employees from other countries or in implementing family-friendly policies,” says Jiří Nantl, the Operations Director of CEITEC and a member of the preparations team of the seminar.

The key note speaker at the seminar will be prof. Manfred Horvat of Vienna University of Technology, who will address the issue of suitable approaches for implementation of the principles stipulated in the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers, two strategic HR documents for the academic environment, as well as the issue of obtaining the logo “HR Excellence for Research”, granted by the European Commission. This quality logo has in the recent years established its position as one of the important marks of quality within the European Research Area.

The seminar is targeted primarily to managers.

Speaker´s presentations:

Manfred Horvat - ZDE
Markus Dettenhofer - ZDE
Jiří Nant - ZDE

The primary language of the seminar will be Czech. Depending on the registered participants and their requirements, interpretation services will be provided.      

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26. 3. 2015
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