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Fundamentals of Light Microscopy

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The course is intended for students/postdocs/staff who wants to learn about principles of light microscopy. During the course you will learn fundamentals of image formation, principle rules and laws applied in light microscopy, Abbe’s resolution, what are principle parts of light microscope and how to properly acquire image using widefield or confocal microscope. The last part is dedicated to the basics of image processing and analysis, where you will learn how to properly adjust and analyze your images using various software packages.

Registration fee: 1000 CZK + VAT academic, 3 000 CZK + VAT commercial. Coffee and refreshment are provided during the course.


Day 1, June 18
Theoretical part - principles of light microscopy, transmitted light microscopy, different contrasting techniques - DIC, dark field, phase contrast, fluorescence, widefield microscopy, optical sectioning methods - apotome, confocal microscopy.

Day 2, June 19
Practical part - image acquisition using different microscopy platforms - widefield and confocal systems.

Day 3, June 20
Basics of image processing and analysis using different software packages - ZEN, FIJI, Cell Profiler, IMARIS

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18. - 20. 6. 2024
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CF: Cellular Imaging Core Facility
CF: Cellular Imaging Core Facility