Glycobiochemistry - Michaela Wimmerová
Glycobiochemistry - Michaela Wimmerová

PhD Topics

1. Structure-functional study of proteins involved in host cell recognition

Supervisor: prof. Michaela Wimmerová

Annotation: Lectins are ubiquitous carbohydrate-binding proteins, which play a key role in various processes including cell-cell communication and host-pathogen interaction, but also serve as a valuable tool for medicine and life sciences research. Carbohydrate-mediated recognition plays an important role in the ability of pathogenic bacteria to adhere to the surface of the host cell in the first step of their invasion and infectivity. Lectin-carbohydrate interactions are usually characterised by a low affinity for monovalent ligands that is balanced by multivalency resulting in high avidity for complex glycans or cell surfaces.

The main aim of the PhD work will be the structure-functional studies of carbohydrate binding proteins involved in a bacterial pathogenesis and/or their application as the bioanalytical tool to study a specific glycosylation related to cell specific tissues.

Keywords: lectins, pathogens, X-ray crystallography, biomolecular interactions, tissue specific glycosylation