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Pre-award phase

In the pre-award phase, the Grant Office provides CEITEC MU research teams with administrative support for filling out their applications for grant financing. These science support services include actively creating and identifying project/grant possibilities, networking, and project preparation.

You can contact the Grant Office regarding the following:

  • Grant strategy consultation (personal grant strategy, strategy for the research group)
  • Searching for grant opportunities for your research project
  • Grant application preparation support
  • Grant application submission
  • Grant-related contracts preparation
  • Training in the area of grant writing and project management

Post-award phase

After the grant application has been submitted and the grant was awarded, we will provide you with administrative and project management “from A to Z”. We will ensure that project is implemented in accordance with the terms and conditions of the provider and the internal regulations of MU and CEITEC MU.

You can contact the Grant Office regarding the following:

  • Interpretation of the rules and conditions of grant providers
  • Project schedule, goals and indicators monitoring (incl. financial milestones)
  • Preparation and submission of the project change requests
  • Monitoring reports completion and submission to the provider
  • Project audits assistance

Core facilities support

Our departments also provides support to core facilities operation:

  • Preparation of core facilities budgets, overviews of overall finance sources, and planning of investments
  • Calculation of prices (cost-matrixes) charged for the usage of the facilities
  • Coordination of core facilities involvement into research infrastructure consortia

Where you can find us:

The Grant Office is in building E35, office 1S028, 126, 132 and 134.

You can find more information about the department on the PORTAL for CEITEC MU employees here.

On the Masaryk University website, you can find basic information about the department here.


Alice Valterová
Alice Valterová
Head of Grant Administration Department
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