Introduction of Weyl semimetals: band structures and exotic properties

9. 12. 2019, 10:00
CEITEC BUT, building S, large seminar room
Xixia Zhang, Ph.D. / Central European Institute of Technology, Brno, Czech Republic

Introduction of Weyl semimetals: band structures and exotic properties

Recently, Weyl semimetals have sparked enormous research interest as bridge materials between different fields of physics and material science, as well as the board application potential. Weyl semimetals are materials hosting exotic quasiparticles (Weyl fermions) and a new class of gapless topological materials, featuring unique bandstructure-Weyl fermions in the bulk and Fermi arcs on the surface. This talk will review the preparation, classification, band structures and exotic properties, including the high mobility, large magnetoresistance, superconductivity, enhanced photovoltaic effect and magnetic properties. The presentation will also highlight the importance of the preparation, phase transition, magnetoresistance and magneto-optical property of type-II Weyl semimetal MoTe2.