Investigation committee published results in the Vojtech Adam case

25. Jan. 2022

An investigation committee composed of domestic and foreign experts, led by the director of the CEITEC consortium Pavel Tomancak, which has been assessing selected scientific publications of the Research Group Leader Vojtech Adam since November 2021, came to the conclusion that his research group did not adhere to the principles of good scientific practice. The committee focused exclusively on evaluating the integrity of research data and possible breaches of the principles of good scientific practice.

Scientific misconduct was confirmed in six out of twelve evaluated publications with Vojtech Adam as the corresponding author and the committee recommended their retraction. In case of other three publications the committee recommended that retraction should be considered. Vojtech Adam already resigned from his position of Research Group Leader at CEITEC BUT to take over his new role as a Rector of Mendel University in Brno on 1st February 2022. Management of the CEITEC BUT has decided that the style of the research group's scientific practise will become a concern of a control audit. 

Investigation report can be found HERE.