Life After PhD with Martin Dienstbier

17. 3. 2021, 13:00 - 14:30
Martin Dienstbier, DIANA Biotechnologies

Join us for the next popular session of the Life after PhD event series. This time we welcome a molecular biologist, a co-founder, and the CFO of Diana Biotechnologies – Martin Dienstbier.

Martin is a research scientist in the areas of molecular biology/biochemistry and computational genomics. He was employed by top tier academic institutions, including MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge and the University of Oxford.

After his prestigious research career, Martin transitioned to management consulting, where he worked as a consultant and then as a project manager at The Boston Consulting Group, supporting top corporate clients in multiple industries.

Martin has also been actively involved in investing on capital markets and currently works as portfolio manager of investment fund Althes, focusing mainly on  pharma a biotech sectors.

Last but not least, Martin is a co-founder and chief operating and chief financial officer of the unique innovative biotech start-up DIANA Biotechnologies. He facilitated its growth from a three person academic spin-off to the diversified biotech company with multiple business segments, including drug discovery, in vitro pharmacology, antibody development and PCR-based diagnostics. Last year, DIANA Biotech became the largest producer of COVID-19 diagnostics in the Czech republic, delivering more than milion PCR tests to the market and introducing novel technology of direct PCR testing from saliva.

Martin is willing to share with you his experience from academia and the private sector and introduce you to potential career in innovative biotech industry. And we can also discuss current COVID-19 epidemic situation in the Czech republic and COVID-19 testing landscape.

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The lecture will be held in English. 

This event is part of the online series "Career Café Live" within the Twinning project INTEG-RNA.

Life After PhD With Martin Dienstbier