M.Eng. Lizeth Katherine Tinoco Navarro

M.Eng. Lizeth Katherine Tinoco Navarro

Laboratory technician


Phone: +420 54114 9731
Research group: Advanced Ceramic Materials - Martin Trunec

15. June 2020

Colombian Student Investigates Biphasic Photocatalysis to Help Clean Polluted Water

To study the influence of acid and base catalyzed sol-gel synthesis over the biphasic TiO2 anatase-brookite xerogels formation is the primary…

Publications that are part of the Web of Science database, possibly also other publications chosen by authors.

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  • Effects of donor groups of Organic Acids as chelating agents during synthesis of TiO2 Xerogels and over hydrogen production. (CEITEC VUT-J-20-6497), VUT v Brně, 2020 - 2020