Research areas

The research of our group is focused on the development of new processing routes for ceramic materials and development of novel ceramic materials with enhanced properties, particularly biomaterials, structural ceramic materials and materials for energetics and ecology.


  • Biomaterials

In this research field we investigate novel composite biomaterials that can induce the growth of connective tissue on the surface and within the structure of implants and thus accelerate healing processes and additionally improve the strength and biological stability of the implant-tissue interface connection. These ceramic materials can be used as soft and/or hard tissue replacements, materials for orthopaedic devices, materials for drug-delivery etc.


  • Materials for energetics & ecology

We design, process and characterize ceramic based materials and composites with functionally graded structures for improving the efficiency and lifetime of components and devices for energetics. The utilization of such materials is beneficial for energy harvesting, conversion and energy storage or as catalysts for the decomposition of gaseous pollutants.


  • Structural materials

Our research group optimise classic ceramic systems and processing routes to obtain structural ceramics and ceramic composites with excellent mechanical and thermal properties, enhanced transparency and excellent optoelectronic properties, eg. ballistic armour, thermally and chemically resistant ceramic composite materials, abrasive-resistant ceramic composites, etc.

Main objectives

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Prof. Martin Trunec
Prof. Martin Trunec
Research Group Leader
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Klára Částková, Ph.D.
Klára Částková, Ph.D.
Senior Researcher
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