Martin Pumera, Ph.D.

Research Group Leader


Phone: +420 54114 9632
Research group: Future Energy and Innovation - Martin Pumera

2. Apr. 2020

Revolutionary Processing of Waste and Energy Transfer Materials. There Are Two New MSCA Fellowship Holders at CEITEC

Prestigious Marie Curie Fellowship received two researchers from Martin Pumera´s research group Future Energy and Innovation. Although Christian…

30. Mar. 2020

Komentář pro ČRo: Jak koronavirus omezuje brněnskou vědu?

Zahraniční kolegové, kteří nemůžou přijet pracovat. Sbírání dat v terénu, které se nemůže uskutečnit. Ale také více času na teoretickou přípravu…

11. Dec. 2019

Martin Pumera Is One of the Most Cited Chemists in the World

At the beginning of the year Martin Pumera became the head of the research group Future Energy and Innovation at CEITEC BUT. His team, even in…

10. Oct. 2019

Martin Pumera on Nobel Prizes: Lithium batteries Brought About Changes in Communication

Without the discovery of lithium batteries, there would be no mobile phones, electric cars, smart watches or laptops. That's a good enough reason for…

3. June 2019

You Just Need to Stop and Look Around Yourself, says Martin Pumera. the New Research Group Leader at CEITEC

Renowned expert and one of the most cited chemists in the world Martin Pumera newly leads CEITEC BUT research group called Future Energy and…

AMN SEMINAR SERIES: Nanorobots as novel theranostic tools: smart drug delivery and imaging Lecture

15. 10. 2019, 11:00 - 12:00 CEITEC BUT, Large meeting room (building S) Prof. Samuel Sanchez / Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia, the Barcelona Institute for Science and Technology and Catalan Institute for Research and Advanced Studies, Spain.

! NEW TIME: 11:00 Nanorobots as novel theranostic tools: smart drug delivery and imaging The combination of biological components and artificial…

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  • Elektrochemie 2D Nanomateriálů (19-26896X), Grantová agentura České republiky, 2019 - 2023
  • Nanotechnologies and novel materials II. (CEITEC VUT-S-20-6421), VUT v Brně, 2020 - 2022
  • Development of 2D MXene/Bio-gum based hybrid inks for 3D printed energy strage devices (CEITEC VUT-J-20-6527), VUT v Brně, 2020 - 2020