Masaryk University Training Activities

CEITEC MU strives to promote existing workshops suitable for the scientific audience provided by other parts of  Masaryk University. For more information, you can follow the links below.


Language Courses for MU Staff and PhD Students

Were you looking for ways how to practice your Czech? Look no more because this semester, MU Language Centre is here with five different Czech language courses. Choose your level by registering and taking a short entrance test. Courses range from A0 to A2-B1, and if you are still unsure about your level, you can also contact the teachers who are listed on the website for advice.




CERPEK’s goal is to increase the level of pedagogical competence in (predominantly) new university teachers.



Library of the Campus Bohunice

Masaryk University Campus Library offers various courses in which library users can learn: how to search for full texts of journal articles or books concerning concrete topics (searching in library catalogues, online databases, on the Internet), recognise quality information resources or how to write texts according to rules for creating scholarly texts and cite correctly according to recommended citation styles.



Masaryk University Career Centre

Masaryk University Career Centre helps employers recruit qualified students or fresh graduates from MUNI and allows students to start a successful career. They help students and fresh graduates enter the job market more easily. They provide individual counselling, development workshops, and events with employers etc.



Masaryk University Rectorate

At Employee Portal, you can find tips for events related to PhD studies (also outside of MU) and workshops organised by MU Rectorate.



Open Science Workshops

Open Access to scientific information (more broadly Open Science) is one of the basic conditions for the development of contemporary science. The availability of scientific information improves public services and enables faster deployment and cost-effective use of innovations. Open Science is represented by two basic areas:

  • Open Access (OA) scientific publications.
  • Research data shared according to FAIR (Findable-Accessible-Interoperable-Reusable) Data principles.

Within Masaryk University, you can attend many training/workshops focused on Open Science related topics. More information is available HERE.