Meeting of Leading Manotechnological Teams in Brno

6. May 2010

Brno scientists, whose team has one of the highest shares of the total budget within the CEITEC project, are organizing a meeting of leading teams from the Czech Republic researching in the field of nanotechnologies and nanosciences. This meeting takes place in the South-Moravian metropolis. They want to agree on further direction of research in this area, find out what makes the individual projects unique, how they could cooperate, resp. what they could offer together to companies. It is a way to further use of billions acquired from the structural funds of the European Union. It is the research from these resources which governs the Czech Republic now. Some projects are already running, some have been approved or are waiting for approval. The aim is to coordinate the research activities of present and future projects in such way that they connect and cooperate.

„Of course we meet within various scientific conferences and seminars, we read each others´ articles, but generally we do not find time to inform each other in more detail about newly built or prepared nanotechnological laboratories and infrastructures and associated research plans,” says  Tomáš Šikola, coordinator of research programme Advanced Nanotechnologies and Microtechnologies in CEITEC. “We are organizing this meeting to prove that the resources have been invested correctly and that also general public will benefit from it, “ adds Šikola.

One of young foreign masterminds, Pol van Dorpe from IMEC in Belgium, is coming to support Czech experts. He will share his experience from a successful research centre and especially actual directions of research in the field of nanophotonics.

Nanotechnologies are one of the most dynamically developing fields of science and especially in Brno they already have a strong position. This is among others confirmed by the presence of international companies and is supported by the fact that one of them has announced extension of its production.

For example in CEITEC nanotechnological teams will work on:

  • digital-analogue converters for low-voltage and low-input mobile devices which will for example increase the battery life in a mobile phone,
  • increasing the density a speed of records in high-capacity memories – approx. 3 times higher than the actual capacity of flash discs is,
  • development of multichannel detection systems and systems of scanning and processing multidimensional image data, which will significantly increase the utility value of nowadays produced microscopes.