Meeting with Václav Matoušek from CF Plus Chemicals

19. 2. 2018
CEITEC MU, room 1S102
Václav Matoušek

WHEN: February 19, 2017 at 15:00
WHERE: 1S102, building A35, CEITEC MU, University Campus

About Václav Matoušek

Vaclav Matousek received an engineering degree from organic technology at the Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague, and in 2008 also a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry Teaching. In the following years, he worked on drug synthesis at F.Hoffmann La Roche, Switzerland, and then completed a PhD in ETH Zurich in the group of Prof. Dr. Antonio Togni, where he dealt with organic chemistry of fluorinated substances, substances that are increasingly being used in the design of new drugs. During his research in Switzerland in collaboration with Dr. Petr Beier (IOCB ASCR), he discovered a wide range of new fluoroalkylation reagents based on hypervalent iodine (the so-called Togni-CF2CF2X reagents), which show promising potential in a number of fields - from the development of new types of compounds in medicinal chemistry and agrochemistry, material chemistry to bioconjugation of enzymes and proteins. This discovery was patented in 2014, and VM decided to commercialize this potentially very interesting technology.


In 2014, he founded an ETH-Spin-Off CF Plus Chemicals s.r.o.s with the main goal to commercialize these reagents as well as other fluorinated specialty chemicals and selected bioconjugation reagents.

In addition to the commercialization of the results of his doctoral studies, he is also engaged in the popularization of chemistry.  In 2015, he developed a unique school didactic kit of Chemistry and Light ( This kit allows teachers and pupils to conduct attractive experiments in luminescence and photochemistry and show the great interdisciplinarity of chemistry and light with other disciplines. The Chemistry and Light kit currently exists in several language versions and has already found more than 100 customers in several European countries.

Václav Matoušek is the main author or co-author of more than 10 publications and two patents, is single and lives in Brno.  

Meeting with Václav Matoušek from CF Plus Chemicas