Michaela Fajkusová

Michaela Fajkusová

PhD Studies Manager

Job description

CEITEC PhD School – development of early stage researchers

  • Coordination of mentoring program for PhD candidates (Thesis Advisory Committee)
  • Organisation of workshops, trainings, events for CEITEC PhD students (Life after PhD, Retreats, Welcome&Info PhD day, CEITEC PhD School Conference, etc.)
  • Collaborating with the doctoral boards
  • Promotion of CEITEC PhD school in liaison with the PR team
  • Support of CEITEC MUNI PhD and postdoctoral community
  • Soft skills courses and lifelong learning courses coordination
  • Administration for CEITEC PhD School andCEITEC Training website
  • Information and consultancy services


+420 54949 3909, +420 778 707 739
Office E35/135
Kamenice 753/5, Brno, 625 00
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