Multiscale Modelling and Measurements of Physical Properties - Roman Gröger
Multiscale Modelling and Measurements of Physical Properties - Roman Gröger


Pavel Hutař, Ph.D. Pavel Hutař, Ph.D.
Deputy research group leader

Research areas

  • Theoretical studies of dislocation mobility in compositionally complex (Cantor) alloys
  • Development of thermodynamic models describing the onset of plasticity in non-Schmid materials
  • Quantum-mechanical studies of extended defects in metallic materials
  • Computational studies of crystal lattice defects using molecular statics, dynamics and Monte Carlo methods
  • Investigation of the mechanism of nucleation of threading dislocations in III-nitride semiconductors
  • Development of theoretical and computational methods for studies of microstructure evolution at mesoscopic length and time scales
  • Computational studies of fracture and fatigue using the finite element method
  • Experimental studies of the relationships between structure and physical properties of metallic single crystals and polycrystals
  • Experimental studies of fatigue and fracture in metallic materials, polymers and metal-polymer composites
  • Measurements of electrical, magnetic and transport properties under high magnetic fields and down to low temperatures

Main objectives

  • Elucidating the origin of threading dislocations in epitaxially grown III-nitride films on lattice mismatched substrates
  • Understanding the mechanisms of radiation damage in W and Fe and finding routes to their rapid recovery
  • Development of theoretical models describing plastic deformation of compositionally complex alloys
  • Sythesis of novel polymers containing high percentage of recycled material with high fatigue lifetime
  • Synthesis and functionalization of metallic nanoparticles for transport of biomolecules


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