Onboarding is a structured process of gradual adaptation of a newcomer which usually starts with the admission of a new employee into a team and may take up to one year. During the onboarding process, the newcomer acquires knowledge and skills necessary for the performance of his/her job position, meets colleagues, gets familiar with the institutional culture, processes, and rules.  Onboarding at CEITEC MU is primarily focused on the period of the first three months. Particularly in this period, it is necessary to provide the newcomer with sufficient support and help to ensure a strong and rewarding start and successful integration.   

Several individuals with different roles are involved in the whole process to ensure  smooth onboarding of the employee – HR manager, supervisor/delegated person, workplace economist, occupational and health safety (OHS) manager, and last but not least the employee herself/himself. 

Onboarding accompanies three main documents: 

  • Onboarding plan introduces activities employee should complete during his/her onboarding process 
  • Manual for supervisors provides methodological support to the employees who will be helping the newcomer in his/her initial days 
  • Director´s Measure defines main roles and goals of onboarding at CEITEC MU sets basic structure and responsibilities 

These main documents help all the people participating in the process to get oriented. Also, the HR manager is available for the whole time of the process in case of any questions or problems.