Open Academia Mini Series: OPEN & FUTURE EDUCATION

18. 9. 2019, 10:00 - 12:00
FEEC, Technická 12, SD2.94


Catherine M. Casserly, Ph.D. 

Member of the Advisory Council for the National Science Foundation and Research Affiliate with Institute for the Future

Over the past two decades, universities and governments have been embracing open education to equalized access to quality teaching and learning experiences. Launched with MIT OpenCourseware, and based on new models of knowledge sharing, government policies, projects and research are exploring best practices of open education for knowledge distribution. The talk will analyze the growth, research and impact of the open education field across higher education and lifelong learning.


Prof. Oddgeir Tveiten

Professor of media studies at the University of Agder where he is founder and director of the Future Learning Lab

Technology has always been a contextual frame around education and learning. Yet, in the

past few decades we have seen changes no one could adequately predict. Today, the world iglobalized and education is standardized to an ever-increasing degree. A key feature enabling this is the embedding of media and technology at all levels from everyday life to student learning, lecturing, program curriculum concepts, and administrative routines as well as the actual organization of formal education. Accordingly, we are called on to reflect on the issue of what learning is and is becoming, if not to say the deeper challenge of configuring frameworks of education for a future marked by media ubiquity, faster information flows and increased learner mobility.

CEITEC Open Science Mini Series