Open Science in the Context of Data Management Tools

26. 11. 2020, 14:00 - 16:00
Jiri Marek and Michal Ruzicka, Institute of Computer Science - Masaryk University

Proper and robust research data management can’t be done without suitable tools. Probably the most important tool for this agenda in the context of the sharing of research data (results) in accordance with the principle „as open as possible, as closed as necessary“, is a Data Management Plan (also known as DMP). In general, to create the DMP for your project is almost every time useful, but to work with DMP on everyday basis, you need proper tools to handle e.g. various DMPs on different research projects or share the one DMP with different institutions. This lecture will start with the short introduction to the theory of DMPs and it will follow with practical aspects and presentation of various DMP tools, that can be used for your projects with standard pros and cons for each of these tools. There is also the lecture on 12.11. about the theoretical aspects of Research Data Management. It is not necessary to attend both lectures, neither are prerequisites one to the other.

This training has a limited capacity of maximum 20 participants and is mostly recommended for Research Group Leaders, Core Facility Leaders, PhD students and Postdocs. If you are interested in participating in this training, contact your Research Group Leader, Core Facility Leader or Training Manager.

The training is taught in English.