The Porosity/Inclusion Analysis allows material defects such as blowholes or bubbles in castings to be detected and analyzed. The entire volume data is analyzed in 3D, pores or inclusions are detected irrespective of their absolute grey value and, in a further step, subjected to a plausibility check. Pores or inclusions are color-coded in all 2D and 3D views of the data set. Detailed information about each individual defect such as its volume, projected size and position are provided in a table.


The analysis also allows the users to analyze their parts according to standards defined by the VDG (German Association of Foundry Specialists) or Volkswagen AG. This special tool has been officially approved by VW. With the help of the new feature, fast non-destructive CT-based defect analysis will be able to replace traditional, destructive and time-consuming defect analysis procedures based on micrograph imaging.


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Tomáš Zikmund, Ph.D.
Tomáš Zikmund, Ph.D.
Junior Researcher
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