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Postdocs Meet Director

CEITEC MU POSTDOCS, come and join us at the first official event organised by the newly formed CEITEC POSTDOC PEER COMMITTEE. All postdocs are invited to speak with the CEITEC MU director Jiří Nantl about their job related issues, concerns and career dreams. You will get to know the members of the Postdoc Peer Committee, your fellow CEITEC MU postdocs and the CEITEC MU director! Please note that this event is open only to registered CEITEC MU postdocs. Please register latest by 21st January, 2019. Thank you for your understanding!

What is Postdoc Peer Committee?

CEITEC has recently established the Postdoc Peer Committee. The goal of the postdoc peer committee is to hear the voice of CEITEC postdocs, to understand their needs and jointly seek for solutions to problems that we can solve. Postdocs are drawn to grass-roots activism to create better working conditions for themselves and their peers. In doing so, they can pick up and polish skills such as negotiation, time management, communication and leadership that aid their own career development. The postdoc peer committee identifies institutional strengths and weaknesses, suggest and jointly with the administration implements solutions that fit the postdoc needs. The committee can suggest which soft and transferable skills courses will be offered to postdocs at CEITEC, which scientific and social events for postdocs will take place, so that the no one feels isolated and interdisciplinary collaborations can flourish. 


31. 1. 2019, 14:30 - 16:00
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Jíří Nantl


CEITEC Building A35, Room 211