Press statement of the director of the CEITEC consortium on discrepancy in research publications of Vojtech Adam

The CEITEC consortium has a main goal – to support scientific excellence and to create scientific outputs that move Czech science closer to international level. Therefore, we observe with concern that certain inconsistencies have been highlighted in some publications of Vojtech Adam (Research Group Leader at CEITEC BUT) and there are questions over their scientific integrity. Vojtech Adam was asked to explain the identified ambiguities in the published data within the standard internal procedures of the Brno University of Technology and Mendel University in Brno, to which his research group is affiliated. The director of the CEITEC consortium, Pavel Tomancak, will work with these partner institutions and will use his international experience and contacts to objectively assess the gravity of the presented facts. 

  • Press release of Mendel University in Brno HERE (only in Czech)
  • Press release of Brno University of Technology HERE (only in Czech)