Radka Pížová

Radka Pížová

Payroll Accountant


Phone: +420 54949 6326
Department: Personnel Division

Job description

Provides the payroll agenda of CEITEC MU

She is the contact person for dealing with following issues:

  • confirmation of employee´s income, deduction of the Health insurance and Social insurance, issues the confirmation of taxable incomes, confirmations for banks, labor office, court, application for Czech retirement pension, for the purposes of social benefits
  • annual tax accounting and annual signatures of the tax declaration by the employees
  • reporting the requests for the employer contribution to the pension insurance
  • issuing the pension sheets and sending reports to the sickness insurance register
  • consulting employees in the problematics of taxes from dependent activity and in the field of social and health insurance
  • consulting and support on EU coordination rules in the field of concurrent employment in various EU countries. Helping the employees with getting the European portable documents (issued by Czech authorities). Cooperation with the employee and payroll of Rectorate MU in providing A1 document for concurrent employment and abroad insurance.

 She is also responsible for these activities:

  • salary calculation, tax payments, social insurance, health insurance, sending the salaries to the employee´s bank accounts
  • calculation of the compensation for temporary incapacity for work and responsibility for documents for sickness insurance benefits (incapacity for work, nursing a family member, financial help in maternity)
  • processing the court wage deductions and other wage deductions (meal vouchers, compensation for damages, etc.)
  • calculation of compensation for lost wage as a result of an work accident
  • collaboration with controlling authorities




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