Research Areas

The multi-departmental nature of CEITEC and the extent to which the fields of life sciences and advanced materials and technologies are integrated make it the first research centre of its kind in the Czech Republic. The high-tech technologies at its disposal will facilitate synergistic study in the subjects of life and material sciences on all currently available levels of complexity, starting with individual atoms, through molecules, molecule groups and cells to whole organisms.



Advanced Nano and Microtechnologies

The research here is focused on the area of nanotechnologies, covering materials and structures which can be exploited in nanoelectronic and nanophotonic applications. The…

Research Groups: 3 groups10 groups1 group

Advanced Materials

This area is focussed on advanced (functional and structural gradient, nanostructural and smart) ceramic materials, polymers, metals and composites.

Research Groups: 6 groups1 group

Structural Biology

The Structural Biology Area harbours research groups that study the intricate and exquisite choreography of life at cellular, molecular and atomic levels. We visualize structural…

Research Groups: 14 groups

Genomics and Proteomics of Plant Systems

The research programme Genomics and Proteomics of Plant Systems is focused on understanding the evolutionary-based strategies of plants. The knowledge acquired by –omic approaches…

Research Groups: 8 groups1 group

Molecular Medicine

The main goal of the Molecular Medicine Area is to gain better understanding of basic molecular mechanisms in many diseases, especially cancer. Researchers of the programme focus…

Research Groups: 9 groups

Brain and Mind Research

Neuroscience programme aims to develop a unique workplace in the European context reaching from basic to transitional research of central nervous system; from animal studies to…

Research Groups: 3 groups

Molecular Veterinary Medicine

The aim of Molecular Veterinary Medicine is within the concept of "One Health": 1) studying the causes, mechanisms and methods of spreading infectious animal diseases with a…

Research Groups: 4 groups2 groups